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Grand prize – Halo 4 Xbox 360 Limited Edition bundle

5 runners up – Halo 4 limited edition controllers



Just enter your name and email address for your entry! Select Halo 4 News as the website that sent you!

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  • Doris Fugate

    i want to win… my old halo xbox is tired

  • Josh Bell


  • Dan

    I would win because my friend have gived me awsome gifts and now i would give him à special gift because he dreamed about an Xbox so I will give him a special gift because he is a REALLY nice friend, my Best friend.

  • Brandon Jamas

    I love halo. More then any other game. Halo 4 will surpass all of my expectations!

  • Krista Abell

    good luck ere’body!

  • Guest

    Easiest contest ever?

  • Josh Bell

    So…how long before I found out that I won?

  • Matthew Lamburn

    would love to love ether one of these my xbox controllers are getting old and my xbox is (5-6 years old)

  • TrueHayabusa

    Damn! I Want This!

  • Danne

    I want to win because i never had any limited edition Xbox 360 console. So this gonna be My first Xbox 360 limited edition. :)

  • Chiel van Hoof

    Halo <3

  • Sean Porter

    awesome my little lad will be happy if i win

  • Ryan117

    Id love to win im a HUGE halo fan ive never had a limited edition console before and i cant afford one, theres nothing i would want more than to win this contest :)

  • Chloë Ann Palmer

    It would be so awesome to win :) I’m a huge Halo fan, huge collection of everything and with this it would just complete it! Im in desperate need for a new console so would be great if I won :) Thanks.

  • Tom Garrett

    I’d love to win the console. Im the biggest Halo fan you will see. The crown jewels of my collection are life size statues of Kat, Emile, and Master Chief. I really hope to win!!!

  • Keith Muelas

    I would love to win, I have the Legendary Symbol tattood on my right calf and the Mark of Shame tattood on my left calf as well as one of the largest Halo Collections you will ever see. It can be seen at I am also the admin of Halo Collectors on facebook.

  • Mreynolds4062

    I too am a huge halo fan but not having a whole lot of money I don’t have any fancy collections but this would be my pride and joy.

  • morgan51445

    i was 250th to like

  • Mike

    Please be sure that you have correctly entered the contest!

  • Denver Bronco Dudek

    I would like to win because I’m too poor to afford something as brilliant as this.

  • Thanh Nguyen

    i want to win because i dont had an xbox and im poor my parent cant buy for me -.-

  • franco

    cuando sale a la venta en mexico :)

  • Elder

    I’d love to win, just for a gift for my brother. He’s given me alot

  • Denver Bronco Dudek

    I wish I could win because I adore Halo and always have, and I’ve always wanted to add this to my collection!

  • Zachary yount

    I want to win because I am a halo freak and with that 360 I could add it to my halo collection..I have already preodered halo4 and would love to play it on the limited edition 360

  • Fudge

    I would like to win cuz i love halo have a huge collection and really want the Fotus armor and- oh wait this contest ended last year.

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